From Emancipation

MK3 Mod 0
Carter's Knife
Ontario Knife Co. MK3 Mod 0 Navy Diver SEAL Knife
Bonus image: Carter's Watch

O'Neill's 1st Season Weapon
MP5 A5 w/ Tactical Hand Guard and Light, MP5 Mag Clip, and Scope
Bonus image: O'Neill's fingerless gloves

Back Packs
Back Packs
Bonus image: Teal'c's 1st Season knife, either Ka Bar or AF Survival

From New Ground

Standard Gear
Standard 3rd Season SG Team Member Gear x3

Team Radios
Motorola Visar

From Secrets

M9 Handle
M9 Bayonet
O'Neill's Knife/bayonet
M9 Bayonet in Olive Drab

From There But For the Grace of God

Daniel's Knife
Daniel's Knife
AF Survival Knife(?)

From A Hundred Days

Daniel's Belt
Daniel's Belt, Right Side

O'Neill's Belt
O'Neill's Belt, Right Side

Left Side of Pack
Back Pack, Left Side

From Forever In a Day

O'Neill's Knife/Bayonet
M9 Bayonet

Mags Attached with Tape
2 MP5 Mags attached with Tape

From Into The Fire

Knife with Guard
Carter's Borrowed Marine Knife w/ Guard

From The First Commandment

O'Neill's Rangefinder
Bushnell Lytespeed

The Flashlight Project
SG-1 Shooting Glasses
The Tokra
How to be an SF
Others all Geared Up
Guide to Air Force SG Team gear seasons 1-3