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Remember that old child's poem about how a kingdom was lost all for the want of a nail? Attention to detail is essential to the successful running of any business. A restaurant may have the best food in town, but if the utensils always have crusty bits of food on them when you sit down at the table, no one is going to eat there.


A great business considers all elements of it's running. A good manager knows to consider the larger impact of his decisions. An accounting firm may be dedicated to tracking down each and every penny, but if it takes five months to track one penny down, the client's going to leave because that penny cost them thousands.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a successful business is all about balance. One must consider both the details and the larger picture. Over-emphasis in one area can, and often does, lead to failure in the other. We're here to help you get perspective. Whether you need to learn to see what you overlook or see how everything comes together, we're here to help.

Our Services

Night and Day isn't as formalized as most consultants out there. Maybe we can help you, maybe we can't. What we will do is work with you to figure out if our abilities and services fit your needs or, if not, we'll recommend what you should look for in someone else. Maybe you're like that person who needs a personal trainer just to actually get them up and exercising, and all you need is someone to force you to get the job done yourself. We're willing to be that someone.

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